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From: Teresa
Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 2:43 AM
Subject: Re: Hi, Cath
Hi, Cath.

I'm not a moderator, or anything other than a long-time reader on this board. I enjoy other folks' signs, and respond once in awhile. Most of us used to respond more often, but "life just gets in the way sometimes", if you know what I mean.

When I promote the Hello from Heaven book, it's just because I think it would help many others, especially newbies who happen to "accidentally" wander onto this board, and are wondering about their own personal "What was that moment?" We've all had a "Huh, I wonder if..." event happen that started each of us on our paths of discovery.

I suspect that Bill and Judy G. are well into their 80's by now, and their son, Will might be in his 50's. They do us a giant favor by sponsoring this "safe" place for us to share, learn, and befriend each other. Most probably they aren't up to replying to each of us anymore. I know at 69 1/2 yrs., I'm not much up to responding to more than the occasional message, not to mention dozens of messages here. :)

We've got our personal crosses to bear, and many just don't have the time or energy to say more than Hello sometimes. For example, my husband has had 3 types of cancer treatments in 3 years, my daughter nearly died of kidney sepsis, and had 2 major surgeries in the last 2 yrs. My sister has current worries about colon cancer.

We love each member of this board, but can hardly catch our breaths sometimes, for all life throws at us. Nevertheless, we read and delight in the lovely messages you and everyone else share with us! May you continue to get wonderful messages from your loved ones, and thank you for sharing!!

God bless you.



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