Re: a few strange happenings
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From: CATH
Date: Saturday, September 23, 2017 6:20 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: a few strange happenings
Hi Josie!
Thanks for that!
How are you?
The signs we get a part and parcel of a sign from the spirit of our loved one. The couple running the site don't even talk to us here or communicate. Even when I send a special sign to them, they don;t respond in any way. Usually the only sign we get from anyone from the site is a plug for their Hello from Heaven book. Sometime Therese promotes the book. Its FANTASTIC you and all of the real people here chat and we can share our signs, thoughts and wishes. Like you said the way around it it is op abbreviate...what a great idea!
How are your signs and messages going?
The 23 rd September is passed/ upon us Last night here we had a windstorm. There was a BIG Truck show and shine at the lake. 200 Big trucks, charity run, stalls, entertainment, fireworks and a massive windstorm brought down trees and caused almighty injuries and damage. In the USA there was Hurricane Irma and the Mexican Earthquake.. They sound like big sign. It would have been interesting to focus on the planetary alignment and pictures of the planets lining up, and the astrononomical significant about the 23rd September...Alot of people were saying its the End Days...
Take care there Josie!
(And if ANYONE else apart from Josie is reading this message. "NO I didn't mention Religion or M
e d i u m ship or Astrology or the Spirit world. Let's hope this site has free speech and is not sensored, we are not sheep....OPEN YOUR MINDS...")

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