a few strange happenings
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From: CATH
Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017 6:55 PM
Subject: a few strange happenings
HI Everyone!
Several Strange things happened in the last few days.

* Yesterday morning, I was going through from kitchen to dining room through the sliding door. But I could not budge it! It was like it was nailed shut or someone was holding it. I went around to the other side and it worked fine. It has always opened normally. Very strange! I tried to make the door jam by wiggling it but it worked perfectly every time.
I did see a very dark shape in the dining room in the day too.. I've just sold the house. I wonder if it's Pete about trying to tell me something.

* On Thursday the number 412 popped into my head for some reason. The next morning I woke up and by the time I turned on the phone to see what time it was it was 413.. That day telling my sis about it. she said she woke up at 4 13 that day!!!!! I think we have a link. Does anyone try to guess the time when waking up?

* Also a very strange thing..walking back in town from my regular mammogram, the world seemed particularly misty and I'm seriously thinking of getting a white cane. Have a quick specialist appointment that the local National Optical lady booked for me, also an appointment with Vision Australia. I think it s a good time to move somewhere else and be settled for the while.. A few weeks ago I kept getting general reminders from the clinic. 6 Letters! There were so many I rang them to ask them to stop sending! Maybe I should have gone in earlier. (That explains all my typo s!)

* I was thinking of the name Chloe the other day. That name popped into to my head for some reason, and that night I was watching a show I recorded from days ago. The story on part of the show was about a little dog Chloe who went to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned and she didn't make it home.. VERY sad.

*Is everyone looking forward to the Alignment on September 23... I hope we all get super messages around that time!

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