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From: Kay
Date: Monday, August 21, 2017 2:39 AM
Subject: Hi again
I posted my first message a couple weeks ago when I was having a really hard time with things, and I just want to acknowledge how welcomed and "taken care of" I felt from many of you. I talked about my nana and how much I miss her, and explained some things I think could be possible signs from her, and your messages really helped me to have faith again.
Any way, just wanted to share what happened tonight. Yesterday would have been my Nana's 82nd bday, so naturally I was thinking about her and missing her more than normal. I wrote about last time how my daughter had pulled a cook book nana had sent me off the bookshelf. Well tonight, the cook book was still in plain sight (normally it would be tucked away) so I decided to open it up and look through it. Well, there was a little hand written note nana had scribbled for me on the 1st page that I somehow had never seen before. She essentially just wrote that she hoped I liked the recipes in the book- nothing earth shattering- but just seeing her hand writing made me so emotional. I've been missing her so much lately and I think she wanted me to see this from her tonight to give me some peace.

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