Re: Prayer needed please
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From: CATH
Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017 5:03 AM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: Prayer needed please
Hi Denise
Take it easy there young Lady!
There is a solution to every problem.
Your Dad sounded a very strong sensible fellow. What would he do in your situation?
There s a song I like on the Christian Channel radio.
"Garbage in Garbage Out". Sounds like that song writer had a good idea.
Don't let what you have on your plate overwhelm you.
I don't know if my email came through in my last message it s and there s twitter of course. we could private message there too? @CathCath77. Talking there anytime. Hope we can help Denise.
Take care there lovely.PS Had to ad this cause I had a typo in my email..

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