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From: CATH
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 6:27 PM
To: Tracy
Subject: Re: Monday Mystery
Hi Tracy! That were great signs and very public to... That s interesting how Jordan goes out with you. Have you been back to the restaurant since?
Jordan s up there now with his mate showing him the ropes. You can't imagine what they think when something like that happens. Did you have the photos of Jordan s clouds printed out? That will be nice to have on the wall and meditate on. Last few weeks I have been going through all the boxes of photos and memories. It's only now I have been brave to do that. I found nice ones of Pete, I put up one on the book shelf. Did it take you long to go through all the photos of Jordan Tracy?
Pete's car that I just sold had ghost in passenger rear seat. The seat belt dinger and light would come on by itself. After Pete died, I was on the phone to the Coroner and at that time Pete's hazard lights came on it was quite bizarre! Never done that before.
I Love hearing about your signs too. It's quite a personal thing and great that we can share and help each other through this awful time.

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