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From: DonniesCarole
Date: Monday, August 07, 2017 9:12 AM
Subject: dream
Yesterday I had a nice adc from my Grandfather . When we were little he taught each of a bible verse to memorize and as I was looking on the computer it just popped up. Last night, I was dreaming I was helping my Mother and Grandfather clean up. They have both passed, but it was just a normal dream. Then suddenly My Grandmother appeared in the dream, but she was different, she was glowing and had a beautiful peace about her. In my dream I said "wait a minute, Mama H. you've passed and she just smiled. I realized then that it was really her and she had managed to get into the dream . I am so glad I saw her and she was wonderful looking, healthy , glowing and peaceful. When she was in the physical body she always worried , if she would go to heaven, and we all said If you don't go Mama H, none of us will. She was a great Grandmother and she was truly the last of the real "Ladies" in our family, never lost her temper, or raised her voice. We always minded her and respected her and my Grandfather. It makes me feel very peaceful knowing she is just fine.

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