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From: Denise
Date: Sunday, August 06, 2017 11:17 AM
Subject: Evps??
I read and watched a show about evp's -- which to best of my understanding are a electronically recorded voice from a spirit who past over, that is picked up on an electronic device not audible to the human ear... so if one were to use a type of electronic recorder device if there are any spirits around trying to communicate it can detect and record their voice words they say etc.
I was kind of curious and installed a evp app on my phone-- I thought it was probably a gimmick but was still open to the possibility and so for a couple days I would turn it on at random times during the day, I tried it in my house also a few times places I was at outside. Just a few results I got were -- when in the house by myself I got "Saturday" which has meaning to me... I also got the word "Andy" name of my infant son was Andrew...sitting outside one morning got the word "nature" but what was also strange that cropped up was it was during that time that I had the incident where the garage light turned on and found book on top of the car (I posted about), I also thought I saw a shadow once, anyways I started to get kind of spoiled by it and took the app off my phone ... any thoughts or experiences yourself with evp's

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