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From: CATH
Date: Monday, July 31, 2017 5:16 PM
Subject: monday messages
i went in to town to post off a ring my dear sister gave me 30 years ago after our mum died.i also had mum s memorial book in with it too. i had a bright pink plastic bag for it all.
* met a man at the bank he was quite old maybe 80, he was the photographer at the local paper for years. his wife passed last year. i told him pete passed last year. i felt really sorry for him.
*i bought a birthday gift for my sis too. she loves all things french, so i got a camel beret and matching colourful big scarf. the lady popped it in a bright pink bag.
*on the way to post office i saw a number plate out the corner of my eye. **52 cath** pete was 52 when he passed.. that number plate made me smile.
*at the gift bag shop the bright pink bag popped out at me so i purchased the to pop beret & scarf, ring and book in.
*at the post office, i was cutting price tag off the scarf. the design name of the scarf was rosy. my mum's name was rosie. the post lady enjoyed my story. it was lovely to share and these happening s mean alot to me.

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