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From: STM
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:08 PM
Subject: My dog, an interesting experience.
Last night I was laying in bed on my stomach. Moments later I felt a warmth crawl up from my feet and slowly up my head. It was the kind of warmth that felt safe, being wrapped up in it put me so much at ease.

Then all of the sudden I was almost having an out of body experience but still in body (hope this makes sense, as if I was in two places at once?) I started seeing a bunch of beautiful scenery with civilizations included. Mountains with cozy homes, the Forrest with out of this world tree homes, living in beautiful spaceships... then everything went black with bright red stars floating around.

I felt but also KNEW that this was "the veil" that many speak of during these experiences and I also knew my dog Char was right on the other side, as if he was waiting to say hello. I hung around in this "place" for about a minute until I sorta panicked myself out of it. I knew deep down I had to let go in order to experience this 100% but what I did feel was incredible.

Perhaps our loved ones and angels know what we can handle at these moments and never try to force us into anything we wouldn't be comfortable with at the time?

Mind you this wasn't meditation it felt very spontaneous! Any thoughts?

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