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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 9:43 AM
Subject: Dad letting us know he's around!!
At my moms house for now, and early this morning I woke up like I usually do and then went to get coffee in kitchen.. I noticed the garage door was slightly ajar and light was on... the reason that's really improbable and odd is because my mother is a bit of a control freak and always goes around checking everything even in the daytime.. before she goes to bed she is very overly meticulous in checking doors including the door to garage is closed locked lights off etc. to the point even in the daytime , my brother was visiting once and he just went to the driveway for a second to get something from his car and she was like right on top of him telling him to close the door, he was understandably kind of irked at her overly controlling ways and told her he had just ran out for a second to get something from his car... so that's how meticulous she is about micromanaging everything... so when I saw garage door ajar and light on I knew it wasn't left that way last night... I was curious and went out in the garage and looked around didn't see anything unusual at all and was about to go back inside when something caught my eye-- I noticed the most random odd thing, there was a small book on the top center of the roof of her car, I'm just staring at it puzzled trying to imagine the possibility my mother would've placed a book on the center of the roof of her car, realized there probably wouldn't be a reason she would feel a need to do that and also she's pretty short and it would be like she would have to stand on her tiptoes and stretch to put it there... I walked over and looked and saw it was an old cookbook!! What the heck-- first thing I'm thinking oh yea, well you know my dad did really love cooking-- so I just took a picture of it and said out loud dad I know your here, we all miss you and now I'm just sitting here having coffee playing over that in my mind-- after my mom wakes up I'm gonna tell her but she is probably not gonna be open minded to hear about it but I feel like I should tell her!!! I am definitely gonna share it with my daughter she is open and believes in spirits, she always has and doesn't doubt it at all

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