Hi dad..
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From: To Carole (and all)??
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:56 AM
Subject: Hi dad..
Carole I wanted you to know that not long after you posted a reply saying you thought it was my dad wishing me a happy birthday, I was driving home, and in the left lane right ahead of me was a black jeep with license plate "Mauinei" that caught my attention bc like you probably remember my dad was born and raised on Maui and loved it so much that he kept going back on trips there throughout his life and after he past someone commented how since he loved Maui so much they were surprised he ever left to come here. I knew the phrase Mauinei means basically "loved Maui"... I didn't necessarily take that as an adc until.... An hour later outside the pharmacy in parking lot I was pulling out of my spot and as I started to pull out I saw the same black jeep with Mauinei license plate a few spaces over...

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