horses and feathers?
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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 12:39 AM
Subject: horses and feathers?
This might sound kind of funny but it stands out to me and wanted to see if anyone here has any thoughts on this... About two weeks ago I started to randomly be really interested in horses.. It started one day I saw a picture of two horses, and decided after that to go look at the horses at a riding ring close to my house-- I parked and watched a couple of beautiful horses trotting and running in the ring and enjoyed how it made me feel happier and calmer watching them so I went a few more times...a couple days ago I went there early one morning and was walking a little while on some grass and saw a feather laying there, it was a good size feather and I just thought hmm and didn't think more about it until today I was walking on a sidewalk by a store and looked down and saw a little feather laying there right in my path so then I wondered is this some type of sign or?? Horses make me feel so peaceful and strong , and my birthdays in a couple weeks and I was thinking maybe of going on a one hour trail ride at this place you can go and pay for a single trail ride.. It made me wonder if the horse thing has to do w he feathers or ?? Not sure if anyone has any thoughts but I would enjoy hearing if anyone can kind of guess what this means and if it's an adc how I could know who's sent them? Both the horses and feathers too (for some reason) make me feel more peaceful calm and stronger

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