A friend of a friend??
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From: Denise
Date: Friday, July 07, 2017 11:51 PM
Subject: A friend of a friend??
I posted few days ago re my best friend from childhood who died at a young age in an accident and had visited me in a dream years later . I recently began thinking of her more visited her grave and asked her to give me a sign she was still with me..I also at the time I was talking to her for a few minutes at her grave thanked her for being such a good friend how much friendship means to me.... A while later I went to a fast food joint and was standing in line, a woman next to me commented what a hot day it was and I turned and said how yea it's too hot etc and then she said she recognized me,..I looked more at her and she was familiar but I wasn't sure where from ... She asked my name and I asked hers and after a minute realized where we had known each other about five years ago.... we began talking and talking and we really clicked personality wise and seemed to have quite a bit in common.. She was so kind to me and made me feel like she sincerely liked me as a person and how positive she was...she mentioned where she works, I'm thinking of going there soon to see if maybe we could have lunch and chat some more....the reason I'm posting this in this board is bc I thought maybe my beloved friend on the other side had sent this new friend to me..she reminds me of the way Vicki my friend who past had made me feel really positive accepted and cared about...even resembled her physically. My sincere belief is Vicki my best friend knew I could use a real friend at this time and somehow had a hand in is bumping into each other

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