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From: Denise
Date: Thursday, July 06, 2017 9:59 AM
To: SanZan
Subject: Re: ADC Car Text
Dear SanZan,

I'm really sorry for the passing of your sister so recently, and glad though you found this board because I think you will find a safe place here to come when you want to share an adc or just because of your grief and sadness of your recent loss- I found this board in late 2012 after my dad past after a sudden unexpected reaction to a medication a doctor prescribed which set off a chain reaction in him causing sudden illness that quickly went badly.... I hope you will find the same comfort here, and when I check in will definitely be here if you need a listening ear.

I wanted to offer some of what I experienced related to your post .... First yes I know and have heard a lot of people experience electronic signs from past loved ones- ....also I know what your feeling like about not wanting signs that might be a bit much and asking her to not send more than you can handle--- way back in either late 2012 or early 2013 there was a short period of time where i would awaken in middle of night and feel this strong presence of my dads spirit, sometimes the reason I woke up was I would feel his spirit standing there in the dark near me and it was a little much for me, I wasn't sure if he was just watching over me or if he wanted to tell me something but it was a little much the feeling of someone standing next to my bed at night so I did what you did basically, i told him i love him and really want to know he's still around but that the late night bedside visits were kind of unsettling to me and right after that those type of visits stopped, and so I think it seems like maybe sometimes they want to get through to us but don't always know if the way they do it might be a little scary in some way or make us sad etc-- then after that when he did from time to time send an adc it was during the daytime in a way that felt comforting or just saying hello...

I'm no expert but it seems like they are kind of learning also on the other side how to reach out to us- it's amazing they even can find a way to show their presence and how they find personal ways to do it like through your car message... I have an older car that doesn't have that and after my daughter got her car she also got one of those car phone messages and I had no idea what is that thing? Ha ha it made me feel my age, asking her " you can get messages from your car" ? I felt like the clueless about technology parent, she just quickly pressed the buttons with a kind of impatient "yes mom, cars can do that " looked too complicated for me to mess with that whole system! haha ... I really am not that tech savvy at all, i was a good five years behind aloti of people back when texting became available on phones

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