Long ago loss sudden adc
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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, June 06, 2017 10:00 AM
Subject: Long ago loss sudden adc
Decades ago when I was a child I had a best friend, she and I were in the same class at school and lived a few houses apart... We also were the only kids to start school in the middle of the year the same week...we were quickly friends and then best friends almost from the start.... Only about a week ago I began to have several arcs from her... Let me back up a bit though..... Back in March out of the blue I felt led to visit her gravesite for only the second time in my life and left a flower and small angel there and briefly said hello and sent her my love....back further in my twenties I received a visit from her spirit one night as I slept the only time before and since.... In the dream she appeared sitting in front of me in a fancy chair wearing a beautiful long green dress fit for a princess and she happened to be the age she would have been had she grown up on earth. Although I seemed to recognize her right away she was not a little girl anymore and she proceeded to tell me the message she hadn't forgot about me and then she told me she wanted to tell me some of the mysteries of heaven where she was and the bestest thing was she leaned in like people do when they tell you a secret and the thing is that's what I always recall her doing as kids was she was very fond of telling me things as a secret and would lean in and whisper something to me and then giggle ... In the dream visit when she leaned in to tell me a secret it was something so amazing and joyful we both started to laugh and laugh and there was such a feeling of joy I've never felt before... Then she was gone and after I woke up and to this day I can't recall what the mysteries were the secret she told me... What I do recall is the overpowering feeling of joy and otherworldliness from her, the beautiful long green velvet dress and high back chair with gold arms wasn't a chair regular people sit in.... I guess because she was heavenly she just wasn't a regular person

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