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From: Pat
Date: Monday, June 05, 2017 1:44 PM
Subject: The best ADC I ever had
Hi all,

I was cleaning out my closet and getting rid of old clothes and I was putting the stuff back I noticed that this one shoe had no match for it which was strange because I had never worn them...I started searching frantically for the lost one looking in the bag of stuff I was throwing daughter was home that day and I went to her room and explained what I was doing and how I couldn't find this match for a pair of shoes that were brand new...She saw my frustration and she came and checked everything I was getting rid of and there was no match for that shoe...By now I'd had it with this major chore so I told her beings they were brand new and never worn I would keep the one in the hope that the other would turn up somewhere although I had little hope. I put it back in the box and placed it in the closet along with all the other boxed shoes and just forgot about it. I don't know how much longer after that that I had this phone rang and I answered it but it was all static and it was my sister Margie who had passed suddenly and only 45 yrs old...anyway she said that she would be at such and such an address on Kearney Street on Saturday and I could come and see her...I wrote of this house in another post here...anyway I said, "Of course I will be there"... with that I hear this loud booming voice saying, "All those who died of Heart attacks line up here...all those who died from Cancer line up here...She said I have to go...I'll see you Saturday. I then dreamed of searching for this house with my son who in the dream was little and we are walking up and down Kearney Street and cannot find this house...I was about to give up when suddenly I saw the house...I knew that was the had a driveway on the left of the house that went up to the fenced in yard and all the way on the right side was this big tree and there was Margie dancing under it and looking so healthy and beautiful...I ran over to her and I;m crying and saying Margie Margie is it really you? She said yes I'm here...come in and see the house we just bought...with that there is this tall blonde guy wearing a grey tweed top coat and Margie said he was her thing Margie gets called outside to greet all these people that were lined up and she went in this Shed to greet them one by one...I remember thinking that they will take up all her time and I really wanted to see her...With that I hear this noise like a helicopter and I look up to see this blue seat like thing being lowered for Margie and the boyfriend to get into and the whirring sound got louder and louder...with that I now wake up from that's 4am and I hear this same whirring sound coming from outside...I have my window cracked in the cold weather and my bed was under the I jump up and I look outside and parked across my driveway I see this big black car idling first thought was it must be the paper guy delivering the paper but as I stood watching nobody got out or back in! Then it slowly started to pull away. This dream really bothered me. Sometime after that dream...I went in my closet to get something...Something caught my eye and I looked up and there was the shoe that I knew I put back in its box that day or thought I I grabbed it and I got the box it belonged in and opened it to put this one back and I gasped! There in the box was the shoe I had put in there the day I cleaned the closet out! I actually screamed out OMG and my daughter came running in and said what happened? I showed her the box that we both knew had the one shoe that day and told her this was on the shelf and how I thought I had left it there even though I knew I put it in its box that day and went to put it away when there already was one in there! She said OMG Aunt Margie! I believe that because her and I used to Jitterbug all the time and Margie would always lead and it was the left shoe that had been missing!!!! I was so happy I started crying and said Thanks Margie....This dream also led me and my husband to go and search for that house on Kearney Street and we found it...just as I had dreamed about the driveway the tree everything...As I said in the Post about it when I posted it here...I have no idea of the connection and am still trying to connect the dots. Sorry this is so long.

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