Re: Possible adc?
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From: Josies-angel
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017 8:23 PM
To: AndrewSW
Subject: Re: Possible adc?
Andrew I am sorry for the loss of your Dad.I don't know which is worse losing a loved one unexpectantly or knowing they will pass from an illness,either way its extremely hard getting through those first few weeks and months.

My thoughts about your dreams,the ones that are upsetting to you is your own thoughts and worries playing out in dream state.I remember when I lost my 19 year old son almost 27 years ago I would have a dream that I found very disturbing.I dreamt he was in his casket and he kept falling out and that he was not dead but alive.I actually worried that he may have buried alive.Once I realized that the dream was letting me know that indeed he was alive just in a different state I was able to understand the meaning.When he first passed,I tried to blame myself,I played the what if,should I have etc game,I think that is normal at first,but if I was to keep on with those thoughts I would eventually gone bonkers.

Andrew,Im gathering that you and your Dad had your up and down moments and that is completely normal,rest assured any moments that you regret,do your best to let them go because your Dad is in the most loving of places,so full of love and light,and his love for you and your mother shines brighter than ever and you can bet he realizes his temper was short and im thinking possibly because he was not feeling well and didn't want to say anything for upsetting for you and your mother.Just know all is forgiven and I know he would want you to know just how much you and your mother mean to him. You said you talk to your Dad,that's good for he can hear you and see you.

You say your mother has had some comforting dreams,please know that those signs or dreams shared is for the both of you,to bring you comfort and peace.

Welcome to the board and I hope you will feel comfortable enough to come and share anytime you feel the need. Take care and I wish you and your mother,strength and peace. Love,Josie

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