Re: Possible adc?
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From: Mary
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017 6:06 AM
To: AndrewSW
Subject: Re: Possible adc?
Let me first say that I am so sorry for your time of grief over the physical loss of your father. There is no time of life more difficult than this. Sending you gentle hugs. Reading about your three dreams I saw the following: 1) "someone dig him up and let him out of the casket" is your father telling you not to let his dead physical body lead you to believe he is all dead -- he is still very much alive emotionally and spiritually and has a new body that you just cannot see. 2) "The second dream, he came to me and said "I knew you guys were gonna do this to me. And I have no idea what he would be talking about." Based on the other two dreams, I believe he is saying what most everyone must feel passing over to the other side which is that he knows how loved he is but because he is physically dead, he is being thought of as being gone in every other way too. He wants very much to stay in loving relationship with you. I would suggest talking to him as if he were physically still with you. 3) "The third and last dream I had the other night, he was still alive. He had suffered one major heart attack and lived and he had just suffered another, he was moving slowly and he was quiet, he didn't speak to me at all.". In this dream he is saying he is suffering a second death in loss of relationship. He wants to stay in relationship with you. He is quiet because there is no conversation -- try speaking with him as if he were still physically alive. You can do this either out loud or silently. He will hear you and respond telepathically or through the words in a song/movie/book -- there are a many ways and it will be meaningful to you. They are fabulously creative on the other side. Lastly, I would say these dreams were definitely a very loving adc from your father who wants you to know he is still very much alive and loving you!

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