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From: Andy
Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017 4:23 AM
To: AndrewSW
Subject: Re: Possible adc?
Am sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dad.

I do not claim to be a dream expert, but based on personal experience, it almost seems that there are two kinds of dreams. There are the ones that seem like normal drems, are not very profound or meaningful. You may not even know that the person had died in the dream or they may even seem incidental to the dream.

But then there are dreams that are very vivid, long lasting and with great detail. Where the "deceased" person says how they are doing, or gives meaningful information, such as what it was like to die, or what their new world is like. Those are the ones that myself and others believe to be ADC dreams.

When you get an ADC dream, you will never forget it, because they seem every bit as vivid and unforgettable as anything that has ever taken place in your "real" world.

I hope that information has been helpful. If you have not done so, I would review the information given on this site about the different kinds of ADC's. Also read "Hello from Heaven", which gives anecdotal information on ADC's received by others. There seems to be no doubt that ADC's are very real!

Best Wishes,


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