Possible adc?
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From: AndrewSW
Date: Friday, May 26, 2017 11:45 PM
Subject: Possible adc?
My dad died of a sudden heart attack a few months ago, long story short, it was a huge shock and my mother and I are coping the best we can. I was extremely close to dad, as was mom. I have had several dreams about him, the first being a dream that he wasn't dead at all, like he was playing some kind of prank. In my dream, there was a funeral and burial, but he had someone dig him up and let him out of the casket. The second dream, he came to me and said "I knew you guys were gonna do this to me." And I have no idea what he would be talking about. The third and last dream I had the other night, he was still alive. He had suffered one major heart attack and lived and he had just suffered another, he was moving slowly and he was quiet, he didn't speak to me at all.

My mom on the other hand has had some calming reassuring dreams about him.

Is there anyone that could help me got on a path to sort this out.

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