How would you classify this?
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From: Pat
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017 7:50 PM
Subject: How would you classify this?
Hello all.

My daughter-in-laws Mom Grace is of today she entered Hospice...I am close to her and have been throughout my sons'20 year marriage. Last night (May 12th) I had this dream that Grace was standing in front of me and she was all dressed in white...she hugged me so hard that I could feel pain...I woke up and actually said out loud, "I just had this dream about Grace and she hugged me so tight it hurt".I don't know why I spoke out loud but this dream woke me up...maybe it's nothing I don't know but my first thought was she was saying goodbye...She is hanging on and we are all just so sad to be losing her....Do any of you know if this dream means anything?
Thank you.

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