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From: CATH
Date: Monday, May 08, 2017 12:42 PM
To: DonniesCarole
Subject: Re: 2 adcs
Hi Carole!
How are you? You've been busy with your family and they are really shining down on you!. The red tomatoes and the red bird..that is a link there. I wonder what sort of bird it was? Glad you are enjoying the garden. You are going well to be getting out to do that. Just getting out and about s a huge step and Donnie is there cheering you on! He knows you are working really hard to get through this time and your Mum Grand Mother and Sister all with you out there in the garden. Maybe you'll find some of the favourite plants your Mum liked to put into your garden.... .The Michael Jackson song sounds like it struck a chord with you. It has got you thinking and it feels like you might have a plan or three swirling around in your thought... Looking forward to hearing about their progress! You have a huge cheer squad with you and that is really special you can sens them with you.
Take care there Carole.

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