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From: CATH
Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017 10:32 PM
Subject: a sunday sign
Hi Everyone! Hope you are are doing well.
An interesting sign for today. I'm getting ready to seel. Clearing off the dining table of everything. There s a Beautiful Till We meet Again hand drawn picture with a rose my lovely niece Courtney made for me. I put that on the louge to put in a special place. Then I had Songs Of Praise on TV which I never have on...the song that came on...Till We Meet Agin. Picture stay s on the table!
Then I was putting Pete and mmy Dad s medals in the cabinet and there was a earphone cover in there, which is a very strange thing to be in the special cabinet.. I can link that with my song! A sign to listen!
Also, there was a strange number came up on my phone, I rang it back, it just went to message bank. I thought I recognised s Pete s ex Boss. Just before the 1st Anniversary she rang looking for Peter.....she apologised and said she was looking for another Pete!.. I was mortified. I thought the strange number was hers. And when I was cleaning up bags of papers I found her phone number which confirmed my suspicions... I thanked God and the Angels for that sign!

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