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From: CATH
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017 11:23 PM
To: Peg
Subject: Re: No ADC to report....
Hi Peg! How are you? WOW that must have surprised you to hear the music box! You r Dear Mum sounds very close and happy you have kept her treasures close at hand. Tha is lovely ypu found your little shoes... that must have brought your memories flooding back. I have an empty bottle of Opium I gave to my Mum years ago. I shall find it and put it on my dressing table. I have special things too. My Mum didn't get to meet our children, but she did knit and crochet beautiful woolens for them even though they weren't around yet. A Beautiful Christening shawl that I will always treasure. I Knew my Mum knitted it for Me and Pete, but my sister had it for her child, and I told her Mum said that was for me. My sis went out one night and got herself partner in the picture. SO I stood up for my self and got the Shawl thank goodness. That must mean something, you kept your Mum s things as they were, and while sorting you get your messages. Very special!
Take care Peg.

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