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From: CATH
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 6:17 PM
Subject: Re: Flower ADC
Hi ISOH! How are you doing? THAT"S BEAUTIFUL!! That s a tremendous undertaking you took on to care for your Dear Grand Mother. She is watching you and caring for you now. Sending you the flowers. The beautiful memories you have of your Grand Mother and your Boyfriend at the time sound so special and they surely are both together in Heaven shining their love to you. Your Fiance sounds an amazing supportive guy to be with you now and to be so caring. He sounds a lovely fellow!
We have the Amyrillus here. Some are still out. They come out early Autumn here in OZ March or so. I have seen white pink and bright pink. We call them Naked Lady s here! You are Spring there? ThAt is really unusual for it t come up now.! A little bit from Wiki... The plant has a symbiotic relationship with Carpenter bees. It is also visited by noctuid moths at night. The relative importance of these animals as pollinators has not yet been established... a very interesting plant too! Did you Gran Mother have a favourite flower. They are one of my favourites. O Love the Neriums and The Nandina that has the really fine grass like leaves. Very unusal. I would love to see it ISOH ! I'm on ! Take care there ISOHX CATHX

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