Re: My ADC Lull Now Over
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From: CATH
Date: Sunday, April 09, 2017 7:46 AM
Subject: Re: My ADC Lull Now Over
Hi ISOH Thanks it s great to meet you too!
How are you doing? That is beautiful nick Name ISOH. and what it means.
I did really enjoy hearing on the TV the ISOH they mentioned with the cameras they were talking about as I was writing to you.
Do you still sleep with your Boyfriend s ashes? The two nights that I've slept in bed I've had a Great sleep. That s really good you found out that sleep with his ashes helped you.The Friday Saturday and Sunday there is a 4 hours p s y c h i c show on and I am addicted to that! So I sleep on the lounge .BUT I pay for when I try to sleep. No Good for the back,If you are into that sort of thing you can watch online by FB ptvaustralia They talk about all things spiritual. It on in 3 hours it s 21.45 now..starts AT 0.45 fRIDAy sATURDAY sUNDAY mONDAY Its a very interesting show.
How are your signs going?
Take care there

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