Re: disturbing dream visits
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From: Elizabeth
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 11:43 PM
To: Andy
Subject: Re: disturbing dream visits
I've had dreams where my 17 year old daughter (who passed away on 01/02/13 by a sledding accident) looks at me with a blank expression- it has disturbed me greatly because I feel that she is upset with me. Several of her friends had a dream on the same night as I in which Allie (my daughter) was telling them that she was going on a trip. In my dream, only I could see her, no one else in the family could see her. She was also much younger looking- like around 10 years old. I felt such a relief to see her alive- I thought that her death was actually a bad dream and that I was living my "actual" life in my dream. Anyhow, Allie, my husband, son, and I were in our family car driving to the airport- I turned around and was exstatic to see her sitting where she always sat, but she had no expression. When we arrived at the gate, she still had no expression and then I woke up and she was gone.
In the days after she died, I had a several strange occurances. When the parents of one of her close friends stopped by, we all hugged each other under a light fixture that had 3 bulbs- all 3 blew out at the same time while we hugged. Another of her friends (this girl technically died when she was 2 but was revived- every since then she's been able to see and hear people from beyond) came over and she suddenly ran over to Allie's dad and hugged him saying "I love you daddy, I love you daddy, I love you daddy" the she came over to me and in a completely different voice said, "You must stay strong, your son needs you- there will be days when you don't want to get out of bed, but you must keep going" Then she collapsed.
An acquaintence who barely knew us told me she had a dream the night before Allie's accident that Allie stoped by to tell her that she was going to die. The night that Allie died, my son had a vivid dream where she told him exactly how she wanted her service to be.
I've had fans and lights go on by themselves.
So, I know she's still around, but I have never had one of those vivid dreams where I see her smile and get a feeling of relief. I long to see her happy again.

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