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From: MKim
Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 7:44 PM
Subject: Re: Love carries on, great read!
Great post! So glad that I read your post!
My loved one who just passed away more than a year ago.
I received lots of signs from him showing his love.
I got a rose for him on V day which was on my nightstand, next to my bed which still looked pretty fresh after 15days. On the 16th, Ash day, it showed sign of deteriorate, petals were still intact but the flower could not stand up straight anymore. "Usually cut rose does last that long and this is strange" I thought!
Anyway, I decided to throw away the rose but keep the petals and I pull them and keep them on my nightstand.
Recently, just past weekend, I was feeling a little sad and talked to myself "What would feel like if He still here on this earth". That night I felt into sleep a bit early than usual and woke up shortly after and there were several rose petals were on my body (on my stomach!). My first reaction was "what is it?", Where it comes from? how does it got here on my body?
I don't really know how they moved from my nightstand to my body ... and not one petal but several of them!
And on the same night my Heat Disk started to turn on and off by itself and continue to do that the next night. After reading your post, I feel like he is telling me there is marriage/love in heaven.

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