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From: ISOH
Date: Saturday, March 04, 2017 5:06 PM
To: Landon
Subject: Re: ADC - Suicidal intervention?
I have found love since. Although I also found some devils before I found my current love. Be careful when you are newly bereaved. Sociopathic people often prey on us when our grief is so apparent--I don't say that to scare you. Just be extra cautious of red-flags. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had done that.

I didn't date until 2-years after my boyfriend's passing. It seems like a long time, probably longer than most wait. You will know in you heart when you are ready to open up to another person. You are young and while nobody will ever replace Diana there is someone out there that you can be happy with.

I dated my boyfriend in high school. We broke up my junior year and didn't see each other again for 12 years. I had a failing marriage, so I looked him up on FB. We met up and we were inseparable for 6 glorious months until his death. He seemed over-the-moon excited and happy, but with his bipolar and borderline personality disorder ( and a drinking problem,) he snapped and unfortunately hanged himself in the closet in his room. It was quick and sudden and unbelievable. We were so happy one moment and the next he was gone.

Yes, I have experienced MANY, MANY ADC's! I hope you will too! The most vivid started occurring in August of 2012, he died in June, doors would open by themselves, tv's would turn on, I hit the jack pot on a slot machine shortly after asking him in my head if he could somehow rig it, I always heard him say my name in the middle of the night, and saw a clear entity that looks like it is composed of the same heat energy that you can see over a flame--that clear moving energy if that makes any sense. I've also had dream visits although not as many or as frequent as I would like I do cherish those.

I hope you will get some ADC's. I was a borderline atheist prior to my ADC's. They really opened me up to an exciting spiritual component of life that I never knew existed prior to his death.

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