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From: CATH
Date: Monday, February 27, 2017 6:32 AM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: Song
Hi Josie
THat is a very hard job! I remember the guy from Poison s much of it. Do you ever drive past where Allen built his barricades>? I have another message from Once Bitten Twice Shy.. I was telling my dear sis Lynette about it and she said she said Once Bitten Twice shy last Thursday...
I was asking Pete for any message tonight in the shower..and I heard the words Tackle Box. He had one for all of his knives and gadgets for his cheffing. There s a knife on there that s engraved for him. A gift from one of the Navy ships he was on. which was the Adelaide, which is where my dear sis is from.
Also I found a meat tenderiser basher. My sis and I were talking about that yesterday. Our son was asking for names of Pete s ships and the dates he was on them. We got so many signs and all I had to do was ask! Your Once bitten twice was the catalyst for the star. So I thank you and Allen for that!. I BET We will hear the song soon.
Looking forward to hearing soon from you Josie

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