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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Thursday, February 16, 2017 8:58 AM
To: Landon
Subject: Re: Missing my sweet love and ADC's
Landon, I have had visions during meditation of Donnie,s face. One adc I had early on was while I was sitting in the yard beside Donnie's chair, and I was in a peaceful trance like day dreaming mode. A little brown bird came and sat on Donnie's chair right beside me for a long time. It wasn't afraid and I just sat looking at it, as most birds would never get that close to humans. I knew it was an adc from Donnie letting me know he was there with me, even though I couldn't see him. Most of my adcs are experienced as I just go about my daily activities and some powerful dream experiences, I feel like the dream ones are an out of body experience as they are not like regular dreams. I think the mediation maybe conditions the mind to accept the adcs and know they are real .

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