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From: Landon
Date: Monday, February 13, 2017 3:39 PM
Subject: Missing my sweet love and ADC's
Hi, all.

I lost my loving, brilliant partner of three years to suicide in December of 2016. She had always talked about it, but I didn't expect to be blindsided, which is exactly what happened.

I am totally devastated and have felt so disconnected from life and my purpose since then. I'm a social worker, so this is even harder, because I need to be mentally and emotionally available to help the youth that I work with.

Since then, I have begun to fervently listen to Afterlife TV by Bob Olson on Podcast. It's the only thing that has brought me any peace at all. I also ordered a bunch of books today (including Hello from Heaven).

Prior to this, I was somewhere between atheist/agnostic, but I am in such deep grief, and I long to know that I will see her again somehow.

I have seen what seem to be signs, but they could also be coincidences.

A couple questions:

1) Is there a way to prompt ADC's more often? Is it true that I no longer need to be grieving to really have ADC's?

2) What is the best resource you've found/utilized regarding ADC's and the afterlife in general?

Thank you - I look forward to interacting with you all.

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