Re: disturbing dream visits
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From: Josies-angel
Date: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 9:34 AM
To: holly
Subject: Re: disturbing dream visits
Hi Holly,yes I am an oldie in more ways than one LOL.Im sorry that you are still having difficulty with your losses.I don't think we ever get over them we just learn to live with our new norm and that is not easy.

I understand exactly what you mean when family is gone and you feel abandoned.I am lucky to have my oldest son left and my grandchildren but they live almost 2 hours away but my son does call me at least every other day. I am thinking of putting my house up for sale and moving closer to them.I live in a rural area and I feel so cut off from society to a degree here.We do have a town that is 12 miles away and I do have neighbors across the way but nothing is like family.

Holly,its good seeing you back and I hope you will join with us more often,sometimes it helps just to talk things out,always know you are not alone,we all have had losses and sometimes those losses no matter how long its been the emptiness gets to us.Take care of yourself. Hugs,Josie

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