Re: disturbing dream visits
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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Monday, January 30, 2017 9:09 AM
To: Holly
Subject: Re: disturbing dream visits
Holly, I am so sorry you are having these dreams. That's just what they are dreams, not visits. Your Mom and any other loved one that has transitioned to a higher state do not send hurtful things to those they love. It has been my experience, that the brain is making up stories in our dreams to try to reason why our loved ones are beyond our capacity to see them, so the dreams show them as different than it really is, like they don't love us or we don't really know them. It really is disturbing until we realize it is only a dream. Your Mom loves you dearly and would never leave you. I call these people in these dreams , imposters. I have had these dreams and I would dread going to sleep. One night I ask Donnie to give me a code in any dream that it was really him. None of my bad dream imposters, would give me the code that only Donnie and I knew, then I had a good dream and Donnie gave me the code in that dream so I knew it was him. I know this all seems crazy ,but there is so much that we don't know that we accept on faith from the love we share with our loved ones. I hope this helps.

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