Re: Jean Guy's birthday gift
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From: Kate
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2017 6:16 PM
To: Geri
Subject: Re: Jean Guy's birthday gift
I often try to put myself in their position. Trying to find something that will get our attention. I am sure there are so many times we just overlook their hard work. It must be very frustrating to them when we just don't get it. I am sure they must be so happy when we can look beyond the end of our noses and acknowledge their handiwork. My husband used to tease me that I had tunnel vision. If he drove past me in the road I wouldn't even notice him. So he would hang out the driver's window waving wildly and honking just to get my attention. (just to say hello) It became quite the joke. So he must have to work overtime now.
Good work to you for noticing your husband's message.

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