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From: CATH
Date: Friday, January 13, 2017 11:25 PM
Subject: super sign !!
My Pete was the driver, he always said it was safest if I didn't drive haha. The kids don;t want the car cause our son has 2 years to wait till he can drive a manual and our daughter doesn't want to drive.
I saw fellow in the paper who had his car burnt out. He was a young guy with a family and he is such a hard worker. I asked the local paper if they could pass on my details so I could offer my car to borrow while he was waiting for his new one. The paper ran a story about it.! He got in touch with me and thanked me alot, his Insurance was giving him a Hire car while he was waiting for his new one.
I got a call the next day from a lady. Her car broke down and she read my story and asked if she could borrow mine. The car had a flat so NRMA came to change it. We took it to the tyre place and as well as a puncture, the wheel needed repairing at the smash repair.
The tyre place rang after a few day to tell me all fixed. With NO charge!! They said cause Pete was such a good customer and always got hiss tyres there it was a pleasure to do that. ALSO the smash repairers said there was NO charge! It was their pleasure. I was SO AMAZED!! and very thankful.
ANyway..the lady who is borrowing the car gave me her address. After a week I was thinking about her addy and it sounded very familiar. It was the same street as Pete worked at for the 3 days before he passed away at an assisted care complex. It is actually next door to the lady.s unit.. Our town of 60,000 and that lady lives next door to where Peter worked on his last day on earth..AMAZING!!!

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