Re: I miss my doggie
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From: Teresa
Date: Friday, January 13, 2017 12:46 AM
To: Rachel
Subject: Re: I miss my doggie
Dear Rachel,

I'm so sorry that your precious Coco passed recently. What a blessing to have had him for so very long! Yes, I feel like he is close to you in spirit. And how wonderful to have a lucid dream about your 2 kitties! :)

Give it time, and I'll bet you'll get an ADC from Coco. My sister had an ADC from her kitty that passed. It jumped up on the foot of her bed, walked alongside her up to her face, and meowed right by her head.

I had a dachsund that loved to run up and down the hallway with me. Twice after he passed, I heard him running up and down the hall -- no one else was at home but myself, and I wasn't running at all! :)

Others here have glimpsed a beloved pet cat nearby, out of the corner of their eye, or seen their pet outside, near their favorite place to rest in the shade, after they've passed.

You will have an ADC. Talk to your pet, and "ask" for a visit from them! :) Let us know about that ADC visit when it happens!

Much love,


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