I miss my doggie
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From: Rachel
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2017 12:30 PM
Subject: I miss my doggie
I lost my Coco a few weeks ago, I miss him so terribly. I understand he is supposed to be around in spirit but I am still sad that I am not able to hold him and kiss him in this dimension any more...I am having a real hard time dealing with it.

I had a dream about him several days ago. In the dream he was trying to open a bag of ziti in my bad - he loved all food and has always tried to open anything eatable in the house, a little rascal, even when he was 18.

I had a lucid dream a couple nights ago about my two kitties that has passed away years ago, but Coco was not with them. I am wondering who is taking care of him now, does he have enough to eat?

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