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From: Pat
Date: Friday, December 23, 2016 2:31 PM
Subject: What was this?
Hi...I come here from time to time and I always get such great answers...I have a little story that happened to me yesterday...I am wondering what this could mean.

My husband showed me 2 pics on his IPad of my one late brother who was drumming in a Fife & Drum Event some time ago...I had never seen this picture of him and I wanted it...so because I knew the man who my husband said these 2 pics were and he saw them on his Home page, I figured I would go to his page and save the pics myself because we are Friends.....I went to my friends page...his name is Vinny and I could not find any such picture! Vinny has many Albums on his page and I looked at every single Album even Albums of his Pets...nothing! My husband decided he should go take a look too since he's the one who first saw the pictures and showed me my one son and my Granddaughter...He looked through every Album and picture as I did and found nothing! Last night I decide to Message Vinny...I explained the whole thing...Vinny wrote back and said that picture would have had to be put on his page by someone else in the Fife & Drum World because this particular event that is held every year, Vinny never brings a camera to...only Fife & Drum Musters...he suggested 2 other Friends who may have the pictures of my brother and that I should go to their pages and look....I did...neither one of them had any such picture! I am now totally concerned because I feel it may be some kind of an Omen from my brother....I am really concerned now...Would any of you know what this was? I was awake all night over it....also because other strange occurences have happened in this past week...A big black bird flew in front of our car...low like by the grill...I jumped...my husband said it's ok I didn't hit it..but I know that black birds are a bad omen...then I got up during the night (around 3AM) and my Toilet was running! I found thi strange but I shook the handle and waited but it still was running...so I went back to bed...I woke at 6 am before my husband...I got up and no toilet running! I don't know why all these things are instantly telling me they are some kind of sign or something....Can anyone shed some light on this?
Thank you.

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