Cat's been acting strange
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From: kate
Date: Friday, December 23, 2016 2:04 PM
Subject: Cat's been acting strange
My cat has been spending a lot of time looking at the ceiling and meowing. She tries to reach up the wall and her eyes follow something. I timed her once and she did it for 30 minutes. She has done this in three rooms. Now for full disclosure I did have some evidence of termites treated under the upstairs bathroom sink. If there are more I do not know if a cat is capable of hearing them? Her behavior has been peculiar. My son and his family are staying with me for a couple of weeks until his new home closes escrow. One night his little dog was barking and growling at an empty chair next to the fireplace. Just wanted your thoughts on these occurrences. (I am going to post one more message regarding my Christmas tree)

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