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From: Teresa
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: i want massage from my pet dovy
Dear STM,

Loved your ADC with your 9 yr. old lab that passed. How wonderful to see him whole again and chasing squirrels!! :) I do believe that was a real sign from him, letting you know he is still alive on the Other Side.

I had a sign from another dog that passed. I'd gone to visit my sister, after Andy passed. One night I was sitting in her dark living room. A bright light reflected (appeared to be from outside) into a mirror on the wall. It lit up the room and lasted for about 10 minutes. I got up and looked outside. There was NOTHING BRIGHT OUTSIDE at all! Just a dim light far away! Gradually the light faded away. I felt like it was Andy saying, I'm still here for you, mom, and I'm doing okay now!! Gave me peace of mind.

I do think we'll see our precious pets someday again soon!

Thanks for sharing your ADC!




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