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From: Teresa
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016 12:39 AM
To: Snapdragon
Subject: Re: ADC On What Happens After We "Die"
Hello, Snapdragon.

Good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing that wonderful dream visit with your father!

I liked how you said that, "I saw generations of love from the beginning of time that wait for us to be a part of that joyful celebration." Sounds so wonderful, and I look forward to joining that celebration someday! :)

I, too, have a doggy named Milo that I love very much. He's a combination chihuahua and pug. A real cutie! I looked online at the pictures of shipoo pups. They're precious, and I know your Milo fills a big hole in your hearts with tons of puppy love. What a blessing he is! :)

Many blessings and much love sent your way!



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