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From: Joe
Date: Friday, October 21, 2016 5:10 PM
Subject: Friends actual visit
I ran into a longtime friend today at the store and was talking to him about this and he told me that several years ago after his best friend had died that he was home alone 1 day and said he looked up and there stood his friend, he said he told him how are you here? U passed away so u cant be, his friend said im standing here arent i, he was like yeah but wow, i said for real and he said yeah emphatically he was really there, that makes 4 now that ik of thats had a full appearance visitation, him, my mom told all the family over the years she seen her husband, my aunt carol told me a few weeks ago she was visited by granny, she told me she seen her with her own 2 eyes after i said omg wow really, she said granny told her its ok, im ok and happy and another longtime friend of mine told me his wife seen his father stand before her and say hes ok

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