Full moon tonight and an ADC
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From: Peg
Date: Monday, October 17, 2016 12:51 AM
Subject: Full moon tonight and an ADC
Right after my mom died I dreamed I was up there in the air just floating around with her. The sky was filled with stars that looked like diamonds. My mom exclaimed, look! When I did I saw two huge moons in the sky, not one, but two. Tonight with our full moon here in NC lighting up the sky, hubby and I took a ride up the road to get a better view. It was breathtaking, biggest moon I've ever seen! We pulled over and I took pictures of it with my iPad. It was only after I got home and transferred the pictures to my desktop computer that I noticed there were two moons! Really not two moons of course, just a reflection of the moon in a pond I hadn't noticed on that dark road.
When I saw the picture enlarged on my monitor I gasped, hand went to my heart, goose bumps from head to toe and the first word out of my mouth was Mother! I know this had to be an ADC. There were the two moons once again and I could see my mom's face with a big smile, probably laughing and saying see, I'm still here!

Been ages since an ADC so you can imagine how happy I am!

Huggsss and goodnight to all!

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