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From: Joe
Date: Sunday, October 16, 2016 3:37 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: Nieces dream visit from my mom
What does it mean that my mom had that 1 full day where she was her old normal self? I was never aware of it was a rally day, i thought my mom was getting better, for me her passing was so shocking and unexpected, other than that day she slept a lot and hardly ever talked, she could talk but just didnt much, her right leg was contracted, it Wouldn't straighten out again, home health care tried, i i tried, back after she had that stroke a year ago, it effected her right side, her swallowing, her speech, even tho she didnt eat or poop the last 5 days in our hospital here they sent her home anyhow and her bowels were backed up and blocked and she coughed them up then ended up in another hospital in icu 5 days, then 13 days in a room, she had asperated too and had a bacteria called c dif i believe, that dr was thinking she wasnt going to make it but she improved in all areas except her leg, she spent 14 days in a rehab hospital, i was staying with her 24/7 til she came home then home health care took over for several months, but then hospice took over, my brother told me they had changed to get me to let them i think, he said they take care of any1

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