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From: Josies-angel
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016 8:00 PM
To: Joe
Subject: Re: Nieces dream visit from my mom
Dear Joe,my sincere condolences of the recent loss of your mother and for the pain you are experiencing. Joe the dream/visit your niece had of your mother is so beautiful and that visit ADC is meant for you too.Your mother knew your niece would realize that it was a real visit from her and that she would relay it to you,an sign that comes to one and then is shared is comforting for their loved ones.

Joe,you are going through so many emotions right now and asking those dreadful questions..should I have,could I have etc and feelings of guilt on top of that and you being her caregiver for those 10 months had to be so difficult for you and you are most likely wore out and feeling emotionally off kilter,I totally get it for I have been a caregiver myself and even though we know our loved ones are nearing their time to go Home it still sends us into a shock but maybe that is for the reason of helping us to move through.

Your dear mother knows how much you love her and Im sure she appreciates all that you did for her and I can tell you now she definitely does NOT want you to feel guilt or sadness.She is now free,free of pain and living in a body that had no desire to keep on.She is in a most loving and beautiful place and her tired worn body is now healed and whole again and for that in time you will feel joyful for her but her absence from your life in the physical form you will Always miss and over time it is suppose to get easier but no matter how long there will be times that something will trigger a memory and the floodgates will open.

Joe,even though you have not had a direct sign from your mother(or maybe because of your intense grief)did not recognize a sign its okay,just give yourself time and allow yourself to grieve and be grateful for that wonderful sign from Jessica and know that that sign was your mother saying that she is all well and very happy.

Please take good care and know you are never alone,we all here have gone through losses ourselves and we are here for you and we DO understand.

Wishing you Peace, Love,Josie

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