Nieces dream visit from my mom
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From: Joe
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2016 2:42 PM
Subject: Nieces dream visit from my mom
I lost my dear beloved mom 6 weeks ago, worst day of my life by far, im devastated, all i do is think about her and worry is she ok, lots of regrets and guilt, doing my best to let go of it, i know i need to let go of it because i been told all that creats a wall and makes it hard to get a adc from my mom, i ask her to give me a sure sign shes ok everyday,i will never be happy until i know for sure my mom is ok, my niece Jessica was very close to my mom, mom is very fond of her because Jessica was named after my mom's mom, the night after mom passed away my niece cried herself to sleep, unlike me my niece is sure of herself that mom is ok, she had 1 big regret that she didnt spend more time with mom the past year, mom was 84, had broken her hip a year ago then had a stroke, it changed her, she hardly ever talked or wanted to do anything but sleep a lot, i was her caregiver the last 10 months or so of her life, well my niece said she cried herself to sleep that night and then she had the most real dream of her and mom holding hands, then when she woke up her hand was open and held out just like it really happened and said she could feel mom was really there, im a believer in the afterlife because mom used to tell us the story about when she was driving home alone1 night years ago and said when she looked in the rear veiw mirror her deceased husband was sitting in the back seat, she said it scared her but she remembered he had always told her he will look after her, plus my aunt carol, my moms sister had told me that after their mom passed away that 3 or 4 years after her passing aunt carol said granny came to her and stood in her doorway and told aunt carol that shes ok and happy, so all that makes me a believer but i didnt know our deceased loved 1s can contact us in so many other ways besides a full apparition, wow was my mom really there with my niece ? Ive had my niece tell me about it several times

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