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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Monday, October 10, 2016 9:04 AM
To: Jack
Subject: Re: death
Jack, It is my belief that we do go on after bodily death, in a higher state of being. I have had so many adcs that confirms this for me. I think we are here in this world to learn and become more understanding and compassionate. We are given so many opportunities here to help others and we have situations in our own lives that help us to relate to all kinds of things. In the higher state there is joy and peace for all. The Lion will lay down with the lamb. To really experience joy and peace, in it's fullest, you have to experience sorrow and trouble. Imagine how much joy we will feel seeing our loved ones healed and happy when we cross over, after going through the feeling of loss. We don't really lose them, but our physical body is no longer able to see them, and our brains react as if they are lost. The adcs we get do comfort a lot, but there is nothing like seeing and touching them again. Our loved ones really have their work cut out for them, trying to get through to us. they have to use things that are in the physical world to get our attention. Things like numbers and birds and butterflies, that we wouldn't ordinarily think of as signs , but when one comes up to you or stays beside you , I would say that is a sign your loved one is trying to show you they are near, just invisible to your sight. Many have also heard and seen their loved ones for a brief moment. Everyone here has felt that feeling of loss and sorrow, and felt the joy of that first sign. Just think how that joy is going to be increased when we once again see them as we transition to the higher state. When our learning is finished here we too will graduate, so to speak to the higher state. You and your friend will be in my prayers for an adc soon.

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