Re: As to animals' deaths
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From: Teresa
Date: Monday, October 10, 2016 8:06 AM
To: Jack
Subject: Re: As to animals' deaths
As to animals' deaths and pet deaths:

Many people here have gotten some really neat ADC's from their pets and/or seen all kinds of animals in Heaven, or on the Other Side. Usually if they've seen animals, etc., it is because they have temporarily died and come back to share what they've seen.

If God created animals (and obviously took great pleasure in doing so!), why wouldn't they also be in the next life after they died, too? There are books about animals in Heaven out there, if you care to read them.

I believe that there will be wild animals, as well as much loved pets. They could be tamed by God, like they must have temporarily been on Noah's Ark.

I look forward to seeing the many marvelous creations on the Other Side, that I will never get to see in this lifetime!

Happy reading and learning! :)


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